Developmental Program

Weekly Music Specialist for all Programs

Spanish Instruction for 3-Day Programs

2, 3 or 5 Half-Day Nursery, Preschool,

and Pre-K Programs

Mornings or Afternoons

Extended Day Program until 2:30

There is a staggered drop off/pick up schedule.

Children are assigned one of the following time frames:

Morning Session Hours:

8:30 – 11:30 or 8:45 – 11:45 (3 hours)

Afternoon Session Hours:

12:35 – 3:35 or 12:45 – 3:45 (3 hours)

Early morning drop-off and/or Lunch Stay are available for an additional fee.


We follow a predictable routine, which provides security and stability for the children.  The daily schedule is flexible and responsive to children’s individual needs for rest and active play, allowing time and support for transitions.

Large Group Activity

This is primarily transition time prior to small groups. Units or themes are introduced to one or two classes at a time.  The Music specialist visits all classes once a week.  Three-day classes receive Spanish instruction.  During this time,children may partake in music, finger plays, or motor skill activities.

Story Time

Once a day, a story is shared from a variety of well-chosen children’s literature.  Stories are presented in a variety of media, including storytelling, books, flannel board stories, and/or children’s literature audio recordings.

Small Group Activity

Children work in small groups with their same teacher year round on activities elaborating on the unit introduced in the earlier large group sessions. Children engage in developmental activities that include Health and Safety, Social/Emotional, Physical, Cognitive, and Language Development and the Creative Arts. Children are grouped by age for these activities.  Nursery School Classes are for children two years, nine months through three years who will be attending Sunshine for three years.  Preschool Classes are for older three year-olds.  Pre-Kindergarten Classes are for four- and five-year olds who will be entering Kindergarten the following year.


Each day, children eat family-provided snack in a family-style setting while teachers model conversation and manners. Snack helpers set out cups and napkins and children learn to pour milk or water from small pitchers.

Free Play

This is a non-structured opportunity for child–initiated play. Areas are set up with various developmental learning centers that include blocks, fine and gross motor activities, science and math, literacy and writing, art, sensory, and dramatic play.

Clean-Up Time

Children learn organizational skills, responsibility, and how to follow directions when put­ting games, toys, and projects away.

Outdoor Play

Children engage in gross motor activities and unstructured play in our safe play space designed for young children. They go outdoors daily unless the weather poses a health hazard (temperatures or wind chill below 20°F) or in rain.