Afternoon Enrichment

Afternoon Enrichment Classes – Daily 12:00-2:30

This program is available as an extension of our Morning classes. 

Following lunch, children participate in a state-mandated 30-minute Quiet Time, during which they rest, look at books, and listen to music.  After Quiet Time, children will explore the current theme through children’s literature and a related activity, followed by child-directed play.

Afternoon Enrichment Sessions

No deposit needed – first payment (May 1) will hold child’s spot. Mondays $1,550; Tuesdays $1,750; Wednesdays $1,650; Thursdays $1,700.
Monthly Payments Due 5/1/24, 6/1/24, 9/1/24, 10/1/24, 11/1/24, 12/1/24, 1/1/25, 2/1/25, 3/1/25, 4/1/25)

Sunshine Preschool Tuition Policy

Please initial each item to indicate your understanding and agreement.
By signing and submitting this form, I represent that I understand that to reserve my child’s space in afternoon enrichment programs, May 1st payment must be submitted.
I also understand that an invoice will be sent through brightwheel which can be paid online through brightwheel by credit card or bank account draw, or at school by cash or check.
I also understand that Sunshine Preschool reserves the right to cancel any session due to insufficient enrollment.